Preface to "Terrorism and the Madness of its Methods"

Only a few years ago, terrorists attacked the world's greatest example of western civilization.

Yet, the liberal news media, politicians mostly of one whining and demagogic party, and others of the world's effete elite are of a political persuasion suggesting we need stick our heads in the ground and accept the events of 9/11 as an historical aberration of our own making. They suggest ONLY that we attempt to negotiate with and not "neuter" Islamic fascism.

The photos, video clips and links herein are presented so that you will not forget. So that we will not forgive. They are posted to dramatize how important it is for us to remain relentless in our efforts to destroy both the philosophy of Islamic fascism and all those attempting to return world civilization to the 11th century.

Sage Authoring's first page of photographic evidence will be found at: and the Madness of its Methods.

To view examples of the self-destructive and hateful mindset of Islamic fascism and the means used by middle-eastern tyrants to both terrify and manipulate their nations' people check out: .

And, to view what our military forces have been doing to rid the world of the insanity, see

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