Listing of Available Fire Department of New York Documents

1. Fire Tactics & Procedures
2. Building Construction Affects Upon Operations
3. Miscellaneous

Fire Tactics & Procedures *
Building Construction Affects Upon Operations *

bs&rf01.pdf - Brownstone and Row Frame Building Fires (62 pages - 167K)
hr01.pdf - High Rise Office Buildings (48 pages - 108K)
md01.pdf - Multiple Dwelling Fires (58 pages - 189K)
tp01.pdf - Taxpayer Fires (66 pages - 146K)
vacant.pdf - Vacant Building Fires (16 pages - 43K)

Miscellaneous *

*[Note dated 7/16/2013] As this website has not been updated since 911, the above training Bulletins provide specifics of operational procedures prior to that time. Copies of the updated training manuals, operational procedures and more are available ONLY to those providing a request for same on your Department or Agency letterhead to:

FDNY- Document Control
9 MetroTech Center
Room 7N46K
Brooklyn, NY 11201

The identity of those requesting the information will be verified. Further inquiries should be directed, via email, to FDNY - Document Control

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