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A two alarm fire involving 6 stores at 169th St. & Ogden Ave., in the Bronx.
Heavy duty 4th alarm fire envelopes frame dwelling on Tiffany Avenue, in the Bronx, June 3rd, 1969.
Aerial & tower ladders engaged at 3rd Alarm at Manhattan Box 897, on May 3rd, 1969.
Fr. Farrell, of Rescue 2 takes a breather with three "best friends" he rescued at Brooklyn 3rd Alarm, Box 2016 on March 29, 1970.
Photo of Department's notorious "Chester Street Fire," preceding the collapse.
Engine 230 stretches into a hot one at Brooklyn Box 75-362, on October 17, 1970.
Full scale attack at Manhattan 3rd Alarm Box 872, on June 6th, 1971.
Fr. Croce, Rescue 3, provides mouth-to-mouth to (surviving) child while tower ladder basket is being lowered from fire apartment, at Bronx Box 75-2714, on June 2nd, 1971.

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