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Manhattan Box 22-2149, a 23 story structure, 100' x 100,' at 253 West 72nd Street. Scene of 2 daring roof rope rescues by Rescue 1, on May 24, 1979.
Seconds before flashover in 2 story commercial building at Northern Boulevard and Main Street, Queens Box 55-4452, on May 4, 1979.
Six firemen were injured when the rear of 3rd & 4th floors of this 4 story multiple dwelling collapsed, at 150 Sumner Avenue. Brooklyn Box 33-691, on March 11, 1979.
Firemen advance via fire escape despite billowing smoke at Manhattan Box 22-1495 at St. Nicholas Avenue & 128th Street, on December 17, 1978.
With roof and upper floors collapsed, firefighters use fire escape to advance hose at 138 33rd Street. Brooklyn Box 22-1419, October 12, 1981.
Two top floors & cockloft "fully involved upon arrival" at 348 Beekman Place. Bronx Box 22-2180, on May 1, 1980.
Fr. Peter Donald E.209 removes child via fire escape of multiple dwelling at 101 South 3rd Street. Brooklyn Box 75-212, on May 13, 1980.
"Looks like they've got it pretty well covered to me, Chief!"

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