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A Bushwick section furniture warehouse suffers the effects of a third alarm at Brooklyn Box 33-782, on August 25, 1980.
The camara captures the dramatic efforts of a fireman trying to "save the laundry!".
Tower Ladder 33 swings toward "blowing" 3rd floor windows of a multiple dwelling at 1889 Bathgate Avenue. Bronx Box 22-3107, on January 12, 1981.
A second alarm cellar fire in a Woolworth's department store at 416 Knickerbocker Avenue, requiring use of Hi-Ex foam, at Brooklyn Box 22-759, on January 1, 1981.
Rapidly spreading 3rd alarm fire in a supermarket, with offices above, at 2839 Broadway. Manhattan Box 33-1339, on January 8, 1981.
Tower Ladder 31 at "fully involved" vacant 6 Story "H-Type" dwelling at 815 Hunts Point Avenue, whipped by high winds to a third alarm. Bronx Box 33-2049, on June 11, 1981.v
Tower Ladder oerating at Manhattan Box 22-286, located 88-90 Rivington street, on January 1st, 1989.
Marine Company 1 trains its big "guns" on Pier 46 at West & Charles Street. Manhattan Box 22-80, on January 29th, 1980.

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