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Fr.Perreirra (E210) creditied with dramatic rescue of 3 year old Emanual Reyes, during a 1964 operation at 621 Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn.
Truckie, with helmet reversed, turns from flames after venting this Brooklyn tenement fire.
Flames lap from the vented windows of 511 East 11th Street, at Manhattan Box 75-461 on February 24, 1996.
Lt. DeTrano (E211) detailed to L119, rescues 18 month old Josephine Jusino at 131 South 2nd Street (Brooklyn Box 75-212), on March 21, 1986.
Dramatic rescue in the days of yore, when some - disliking SCBA -used but work goggles and five minute "cheater" SCUBA rigs to get "the job" done.
Following a cornice collapse at Box 22-685, on January 26, 1989 located at 570 Quincy Street, Brooklyn, firemen provide first aid to one of 13 injured. The line continues to advance in background.
Member with exhausted air-pak exists 1413 St. Marks Avenue, at this Brooklyn, at "all hands" Box 75-1619.
Typical example of well advanced fire in a rowframe dwelling complex.

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