This page provides a variety of photographs related to Fire Investigation. If not interested, mouse "click" one of the following:

Efforts by torch to delay access
by firefighters to a fire started in
the basement of a commercial

Ingredients for the making
of a pipe bomb. The timer
here [a clock] would be used
outside of the pipe.
A container of flammable liquid is found
behind a bar counter. Clearly, not some-
thing normally found in such a location.

Here a roll of toilet paper
used a a trailer, the timer
of a clock radio and a hot
plate are used to initiate
and then spread a fire...

In the following three frames:
1. A fire victim lies on an opened bodybag,
atop a rolling metal table in a morgue.
2. The victim is rolled to show...
3. Her hands tied behind her back.
Murdered, the women was removed from
her bed as she lay into the bodybag.

(In a city to remain nameless)

NO ONE - not one person -



To the left we see the standard
attire for the Fire Marshals of
the NYFD.

Unlike there counterparts
nationwide, however, they are
both firefighters and police
officers with additonal powers
to arrest, issue subpeonas and
issues oaths and affirmations.

To wit: the photos to the right!!!

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